Monday, October 15, 2007

Convert Raw AD Properties

Adsearch v3.0x features a conversion tool to convert from raw unreadable active Directory properties to readable properties.

Convert the raw form of a GUID to The textual form of a GUID.

Convert the raw form of a SID to The textual form of a SID.

Convert the raw form of hours representation such as the attribute logonHours to the textual form of hours representation such as logonHours. Example: "1-24<-><->8-17<->...."

Convert the raw form of a date in integer format such as accountExpires to the textual form of a date.

Quick How To

Adsearch 3.0x and up allows you to quickly copy and paste the raw information into the conversion tool and convert it to a readable form.

To get the last password reset date and time in a readable format.

From the menu select Search Active Directory; select the domain and the bindserver to logon to.
Select ObjectType: user
Select SearchBy: name
Select SearchResults: pwdLastSet
Enter ALL for Refine Search

Once the results for all users are returned and the last password set looks like: 128153342196114592, double click an account name. In the popup Copy to Clipboard Window, select 128153342196114592.

Once this is done, select ADSearch Tools from the menu and choose Convert Raw Active Directory Data.

Select the domain to convert the information and choose Convert Raw Date to Textual Date
In the Enter Raw Date popup, right click the textbox and paste the raw date from the clipboard.

The raw date will convert to: 02/07/07@11:03:39

With ADsearch, you can use this method to convert raw Dates, SIDs, GUIDs and compound Times

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